Why Isnt My Home Selling
Why Isnt My Home Selling
21 Dec, 2020
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In a normal circumstance, the process of selling a house would be predictable and linear. You put your home for sale on the market, you schedule a couple of shows, and the right buyers come to you. Well, if you have sold a house before, you should know it does not always work out that way. This has left many to wonder why their home is not selling and what they can do to fix the issue.

In America, it takes about 58 days for houses for sale to leave the market, according to a recent research. However, 58 days is just the average, not the rule. Many homeowners find themselves waiting for a very long time before they were able to get their property off the market. If your home is not selling, you cannot force anything, unfortunately.

To successfully sell a home, a couple of circumstances need to come together – such as the right buyer at the right time. Fortunately, you can try to figure out the reasons why your home is not selling and fix the issues. However, not all those reasons are in your control, but many will be. Selling a house should be an easy process when you have all the right boxes checked. With everything in order and the right real estate platform or agent, property for sale will not even take up to an average of 58 days. Here are some possible reasons why your home is not selling.

Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

The Price Is Too High

The Price Is Too High

One of the major reasons why most houses are still on the market is that they have unrealistic price tags. Whether you are in the market alone or you are working with a real estate agent, setting the right asking price is the number one key to selling your house. Chances are you and your agent did a comparative market analysis to determine the fair offering price before you bought your home. Your potential buyers are likely to do the same for your home as well. As such, you need to be one step ahead of them.

Regardless of how beautiful or luxurious a house is, if it is overpriced, you will have a hard time selling it. Overpriced houses generally do not sell. According to a survey, 70 percent of realtors said the number one mistake sellers make is setting unrealistic prices. Do not worry about setting a low price range, as this will generate more offers and raise the price to the house’s actual market value.

Underpricing your house is another way of generating more interest in your listing, and you can always turn down offers if they are too low. However, this option will make your listing look more attractive, bringing more potential buyers to you.

Your Images Don’t Do Justice to Your Home

While taking pictures with your mobile device may have been good some years back, it is no longer good enough today. Homebuyers today expect high-resolution images that show them exactly what they are investing in. Poor quality pictures will only turn many buyers away, which is not good for business. You can get a professional photographer or talk to your real estate agent about getting high-quality pictures of your home.

With beautiful and well-detailed images of your house, you will be able to put your best foot forward. The first place buyers will see your home is online, and you want to make a good first impression. The only way you can make a good first impression of your home is by showing potential buyers high-quality pictures of it.

If the images of your home are poor, most buyers will skip your house and move to the next listing without reading a single word of your description. In addition to having high-quality images, you should also capture the details of your home very well. You should take enough photos of the house, take photos of all the rooms from different angles, and focusing on the highlights of the house such as the kitchen and other important areas.

Outdated or Insufficient Listing

The listing of your house is often the first place a potential buyer goes when deciding whether they are interested in knowing more about your house or not. However, if your listing is not doing your house justice, your market plan will fail and you will end up having a house that is not selling. If the listing of your home is not sufficient or outdated, it will delay the selling of your home.

An insufficient listing might be that you have limited information about your home or the property lacks sufficient pictures. It could also mean that the pictures and information are there but they are not doing their job – possibly poor quality images or lengthy descriptions that lack the vital information of the property. You should give key information about the property, including the location and the key features of the house.

On the other hand, outdated listings say something else. If we are in summer and your home’s listing is full of images with snow in the yard, buyers will know that your property has been in the market for a very long time and it is not selling. You should avoid taking photos of your property with details that could date them, such as festive periods and Christmas decorations. Another way to bypass this is by taking new photos when the season changes.

Your Home Needs Some Improvements

Your Home Needs Some Improvements

It can be a difficult thing to renovate a home that you will not enjoy for long. However, if you want to sell the property for the full asking price, you need to make sure it is in perfect condition. You should make sure everything that needs to be fixed is fixed. You should also avoid hiding issues from potential buyers if you don’t want to or cannot fix the issue. An adequate home improvement will help to get your house off the market quickly.


Learning the tricks in selling a house or luxury homes is very important. You need to get yourself ready financially and mentally for less-than-ideal scenarios. When you consider all factors listed above and merge them with the right real estate platform, you will sell your property without going through any hassle.

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