What To Do When Your Home Or Commercial Property Isn’t Selling
What To Do When Your Home Or Commercial Property Isn’t Selling?
28 Oct, 2020
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What do homeowners do after listing the house on the real estate portals? Just wait till they find the right buyers for the house. Well, just sitting and watching the house on the list for a couple of months and getting any buyers is really frustrating. Sometimes, the buyers do preview the listing but they do not make the offer. According to a survey, it as found that almost 25 to 30% of the listed properties do not get the right buyers and the listing expires. What should homeowners do in such a situation?

In such scenarios, homeowners must not get discouraged. Rather, they should try to find out the reason behind the delayed sale. Some of the reasons behind no property sale are:

But before we expose them to you, it’s also important that you are aware of some of the reasons why a home or other property isn’t selling. They include:

  • The condition of the property is not good.
  • You have not hired an experienced and expert real estate agent
  • Your advertising campaigns are ineffective
  • The asking price of the property is not in accordance with the current scenario.

Here are some of the interesting things that you must take into consideration when your commercial property or house is not selling.

You Must Focus On Improving The Advertising Campaign:

Whenever you think that your house or your commercial property is not selling you should immediately start analyzing where the advertising is going wrong. Moreover, you must re-evaluate the planning of the advertising platforms and take measures to improve it. You can arrange open-houses and even print advertising to attract buyers. If not this, you can employ a social media advertising platform where you can get in touch with potential buyers directly. After taking these measures, you must focus on the number of showings you get. It will help you in determining how well advertising is going.

Make Renovation In The Property:

Well, when you are not getting any offer from the buyers, you start losing hope and you do not know where you are going wrong. The first thing would be not to get discouraged. You must hire professionals for a home inspection. They would help you in understanding where the condition of the house is good or not. Moreover, they would suggest to you what upgrades you need to do in your house to attract the right buyers. You can enhance the curb appeal of the house, make the house energy efficient. Besides this, you can take a look at the fixtures and see where you can add an accent wall or put on a fresh coat of paint. With the help of these minor upgrades, you can improve the value of your house.

Improve The Listing In A Better Way:

So now when you feel that it has been long since you have listed the property and not getting buyers, check out the listing. It might happen that the buyers do not find the listing attractive. So do it again in a better way. This time mention all the important things about the house, highlight the main aspect of the house, add high-quality images. The description should be powerful, make use of the headline that is catchy, grab the attention of the buyers, and promote the listing. When you are improving the listing, you are putting your best foot forward. It is the time you would be creating the first impression of the house in the buyer’s mind.

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent:

When the real estate agent is not an expert in the field, he won’t be able to get you, buyers. So while hiring a new real estate agent you must ensure that they have the required skills and expertise to handle the responsibility of the property sale. They should be knowledgeable to understand the real estate market situation and suggest you accordingly.

Reducing The Asking Price Of The Property:

Well, this should be your last option. You must take such steps only when the listing is about to expire and still, you haven’t got the right buyer. When you feel that you have exhausted all the other options you need to think about reducing the asking price. But do not do it suddenly. Make sure you are taking suggestions from the real state agent. They will analyze the current market situation, the prices of the houses in the neighborhood and then determine whether it would be better to reduce the price of the house or not. You must understand that it’s easy to lower your number, but doesn’t mean it’s in your best interests to do so.


Selling the property or getting the right buyers within a stipulated time is not easy. You need to make efforts in the right direction. So when you think that it is taking longer to sell the property you can employ the above-mentioned strategies to get good buyers and sell the house or commercial property quickly.

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