What Should I Inspect Before Buying A House
What Should I Inspect Before Buying A House?
02 Feb, 2021
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Every year millions of people buy their dream house. Some people purchase a house for making an investment in the real estate sector, whereas some buy a house for living in it. Whatever is the reason behind deciding to purchase the house, it will be your big investment. Hence you need to be very sure about your decision. Your slightest mistake can create many problems for you.

So while buying a home, you must survey the property thoroughly before you finalize your house. Besides this, a home inspection is an essential step that should be carried out so that you can know the actual condition of the house you are buying.

Why Is House Inspection So Important?

A home inspection is quite essential for all home buyers because it is an opportunity for you to know the actual condition of the house. You can even hire an experienced home inspector who will analyze every nook and corner of the house, including the rooms, roofs, siding, foundation, furniture, appliances, and various other essential components. The professional home inspectors will also prepare a report, which will be easy for you to analyze and understand the condition of the house before you make up your mind to buy the house.

Now that you know why a home inspection is important, your next focus should be on the things that should be included during the home inspection process.

#1 The Inspection Of The Entire Roofing System:

The Inspection Of The Entire Roofing System

While inspecting the house, the first and foremost thing that you must take into consideration is the condition of the roofing system. This will include the roofing surface, attic region, chimney, and gutter system. The age of the roofs must not be more than 5 years and also it should be well maintained.

Inspecting The Chimney:

You must see to it that the chimney and the fireplace are perfectly ventilated. There should be no sign of any damages or cracks. If there are visible damages, then you must ask the sellers to get it fixed. Moreover, you must see to it that there is no build-up of creosote on the chimneys. This highly combustible material can damage the working efficiency of the chimney and pose a fire risk.

Inspection Of The Roof:

There is a set of points that you must consider while inspecting the roofs.

  • The roofs must be kept well maintained.
  • Shingles must not be broken, cracked, or blown off.
  • The flashing area must be perfectly secured and sealed so that the moisture content or water doesn’t enter the attic region.
  • The gutters must be perfectly attached to the roofing foundation. They must be in perfect condition to prevent water from clogging.

The roof inspection process will also verify that there are no signs of water leakage and the growth of molds or mildew. If there are any signs of the same, then the underlying wooden layer of the roof must be completely damaged. Lookout for all such signs while inspecting the roof.

#2 Inspection Of All The Rooms/ Bathroom/Kitchen:

Once the roofing inspection is complete, you must check the condition of the rooms inside the house. All the rooms must be clean and have a perfect coat of paint. The furniture in the house must not be damaged or worn out. The paint of the house must not be flaky and dusty. If so, then either you can ask the home sellers to apply a fresh coat of paint or reduce the asking price. The bathrooms must not have any water leakage problem. The pipelines must be of high quality and secured with strong sealing. The kitchen must not be dingy, and the cabinets, home appliances, and storage area must be in good condition. While inspecting if you come across any damages, then you must ask the seller to repair the plumbing fixtures.

#3 Inspection Of All The Electrical Home Appliances:

Inspection Of All The Electrical Home Appliances

Before you finalize the house, you must ensure that the home appliances provided to you are in good condition. They should not be more than 10 to 20 years old, as getting such appliances would not do any good for you. The appliances must not be dirty, as it might become the reason behind respiratory illness. Moreover, if the inspection process shows that they need some sort of additional fixtures, get it done. The condition of the HVAC system will let you know how well the house has been maintained by the homeowners.

#4 Condition of The Walls, Door, And Windows:

While inspecting the walls all around the house, you should check that they are not having deep cracks, chipped paint, or stains of water anywhere. The door and windows must not be old and broken.


If you are looking forward to buying a house, especially in Maricopa, you must take into consideration all the essential factors. The home inspection is the most important step and must be carried out before you finalize the house. You can even hire a professional home inspector who would help you not only in the process but also prepare a detailed analyzed report of the home inspection.

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