Tips For Sellers The Perks Of Staging Your Home.
Tips For Sellers: The Perks Of Staging Your Home
01 Oct, 2020
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So you have decided to sell your home. To attract potential buyers, you want it to look absolutely best. So how will you increase the curb appeal of the house so that it could be sold quickly and profitably? Home staging! Homeowners opt for home staging so that they can highlight the most impressive assets and sections of the house. The homeowners decorate the house in such a way that it helps the buyers to imagine themselves living in it. When you are doing it perfectly, you can ensure that you would get potential buyers and that too quickly.

Here are some tips that you can use to upgrade the house and make it look the best.

#1 Focus On Boosting The Curb Appeal Of The House:

Well, this is something you hear a lot because it is the most essential step when you are staging your home for getting potential buyers. Most of the buyers who have finalized for a home tour would initially do the quick drive to ensure whether it would be worthy to look inside the house or not. So you need to make the garden and driveway area extremely impressive. It will help you to lure the buyers inside.

  • You must power wash siding and walkways so that it looks new. You can even coat the siding with paint to remove the dull and old look of the house.
  • Clean the garden area by trimming the lawn grass, plant blooming flowers to make the area look fresh. Along with this, you can wash the fencing and re-paint it.
  • Clean the passageway and decorate them with huge stones and ceramic pots. It will give an exotic look to the entire area.
  • Make sure you have illuminated the area with proper lighting (Sometimes, buyers wish to have a look at the house even during the evening hours).

Focus On All The Rooms And Define Them:

While staging the home you must ensure that each and every room has a single, defined purpose. In this way, you can help potential buyers to see how to maximize the home’s square footage. If you have an attic area in the house, transform it into an office. It will look like an extra space that could be used by everyone and not just be a storeroom where you are dumping all the unwanted things. Similarly, you can convert the basement into an entertainment room. In this way, you can show that every inch in the house is a usable space. The buyer can use it for some other purpose as well.

Don’t Miss Out The Flooring:

Generally, the homeowners forget about the flooring while working on other things during the home staging process. But buyers would not skip it. Do you think your buyers would like to enter a house that has dingy, stained carpet that looks dull and dirty? No! You can change the flooring and replace it with hardwood floors. They will add value to the house and make it look elegant. Moreover, it provides long-term value.

Have You Thought About The Walls And Ceiling?

Before accepting the home tours, you must ensure that there are no cracks on the walls and ceiling. It would be a red flag for the buyers. It would be an indicator that there are issues in the foundation of the house. You must get all the issues fixed so that it does not flee your buyers. As a homeowner, you must ensure that the foundation looks good and if there are any cracks, repair the cracks so you don’t scare off the buyers.

These were some of the tips that would help you in staging your house. So now let’s get to know what are the perks of staging the house for sale.

  • When done correctly, home staging can help the homeowners to stand out from the crowd. Staging your home could be highly beneficial if there is more than one home for sale in your neighborhood. Moreover, it would be essential if your home is older and going up against new construction.
  • With home staging, you can make your house look spacious and elegant for the buyers. You put the effort into all the rooms to make it look bigger and brighter.
  • Staging is extremely helpful for the homeowners in selling the house faster. According to research, it was found that homes staged prior to listing sold 79% faster than those staged sometime after being listed. So now you can understand why home staging is so essential.
  • Home staging is beneficial in getting higher offers from buyers. Staging can bring in multiple buyers. And if all of them would be interested in buying your house, a bidding war can begin and they would be willing to offer you more than the asking price.


When you have decided to sell your house and plan to put it on the market, you must start preparing the staging process. The way to present your house is the key to increasing the value of your house.

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