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James Sanson


If “Passion breeds success,” James Sanson is the example. As Keller Williams Realty’s #1 city of Maricopa real estate agent over the past decade, James embodies what it means to do what you love-and embrace every minute of it. “Each day in this business is challenging, fun, and inspiring,” he says. “The secret is to work hard and have integrity. I am proof that you can reach the top without sacrificing your values.”

James has been widely hailed for his outstanding production and his market making opinions, which are sought after by business and financial publications, and broadcast media. In addition to his reign as the city of Maricopa’s premier real estate agent, he is a member of Keller Williams Realty elite Top 1% nationwide, has been in in the top 500 agents out of 150,000+ associates worldwide, and the number one agent in the city of Maricopa for years.

How does James continue to defy market expectations? A local Maricopa homeowner and business owner, he has unsurpassed knowledge of the local market, enabling him to instinctively match clients with their ideal properties. James also excels at the negotiating table, navigating even the most challenging situations with grace and ease.

Central to James’ success, however, is his dedication to his clients. Given his high-profile persona, many are surprised to find him warm and down-to-earth, with an uncanny ability to connect with them on a personal level. James is his clients’ greatest advocate, always keeping their interests top of mind.

James has always welcomed all types of clients. “No matter the price range I’m working in, it’s a tremendous pleasure helping someone buy or sell their home and fulfill their dreams.”

James spends his rare free time visiting Taco Trucks, hiking and camping, and enjoying the company of his family, friends, and pets. An avid philanthropist, he has been recognized as one of Keller Williams Realty’s top charitable realtors.

If you are looking for one of the top real estate agents to guide you through your real estate transaction reach out to James Sanson and his amazing team to guide you through your real estate experience.

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Customer Coordinator

I finished my degree in Psychology at Northwestern and went into the corporate world and I loved it for a while. Then I met James and joined his team, and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my career path. His commitment is to designing careers and lives to create the highest level of happiness. He calls us is warriors of happiness and it is our job to impact the world through real estate and people around us and to have a life-changing positive impact of them. This is exactly the dynamic I work in, so you could also say it is an amazing place to work.

As a warrior for happiness, I take transactions from escrow to closing. This means keeping everybody in the loop. I am contacting the buyer and listing agents, escrow company, lender, and our client. This helps assure one of the best experiences for our clients. In return makes me extremely happy and the wheel of happiness spins to keep our impact on happiness going.

Then away from work. I have an amazing husband and kiddos. The dynamic I work in extends into my household. James believes as mentioned above in the wholistic happiness approach and this means happiness at home too. He makes sure I stay on top of my home life because a happy house makes a happy me and that ripples right back to work. We see work as my left arm and my family is my right arm.

The Happy Closing Coordinator

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David Ruiz


When it comes to Real Estate, it is never an easy task. When selling and buying is a must, having the right agent makes the biggest difference. Every agent works and thinks completely different. When it comes to my clients, they are my number one priority and also making sure they are represented to the highest degree. There is no room for error, everything must be perfect and done correctly. Working with me will not only make buying or selling a home fun, but it will also make it simple. As a professional negotiator and aggressive salesman, having me represent you will be the highest protection. Remember you are making the purchase of a lifetime, and a great investment. Let’s make it count!

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David Hoos

Business Expert

I’ve lived in the city of Maricopa since 2008. I love my town and I love helping my neighbors. I’ve watched my kids and their friends grow up in the Maricopa school systems. I spend my spare time traveling with the Family and taking pictures. Occasionally you’ll find me at one of the local Maricopa basketball courts. As a Realtor, my business is a client-first my goal is to help guide you through the process and give you the best experience possible start to finish. All of my working life has been in the sales and customer service industry. I’m patient and listen to what your needs are I’m not just going to try to sell you a house quick so I can move on to my next commission check it’s about you and finding you a place that you will love.

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Judy Berg

Real Estate Broker

I have been in REAL ESTATE for OVER 32 YEARS, and experienced the most complex markets that you could imagine, so I am extremely skilled to help you build the most confident home selling experience.

I have had my real estate broker’s license for over 15 years and I am also a Certified NEGOTIATOR, you need that in any market! My negotiation skills are so sharp invests seek me out to help them sell their homes for top dollar while protecting the bottom line.

When I am not working, I like to take my Italian Greyhound for walks, read a good book, work in my yard and decorate my home. I also try to volunteer when I can, it is usually through my church. Plus, I love to travel and have traveled all over the world: China, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands and Israel. Plus, in our country I have traveled to places like: New York, New Orleans, Minneapolis, South Carolina and beautiful San Diego. I am from Minnesota originally, but I have lived in Arizona so long I feel I am a native to here.

If you are looking for a fun, hard working and confident agent to protect you through your real estate transactions then I am your lady.

I hope to hear from you …any questions you might have regarding REAL ESTATE, please don’t hesitate.

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Home's sellers

Hello! I am Ana, and you will get to know me while your l am guiding you through your listing from pre-listing to pending listing.

Some fun facts about me. I am married and I have two amazing dogs, and I love and I mean love Asian food. Well, that is about it.

I do love my job and how we are a team.

Work-wise, I help the team with pre-Listing paperwork, coordinating signed Listing, keeping the home sellers in the loop with showings and feedback. I also coordinate Open Houses, and my favorite part is that I get to help homeowners have one if not the best selling experiences ever.

I await you to guide you through your home selling experience!

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Wesley Jerrick

Appointment Coordinator

My name is Wesley and I got into Real Estate because I have a passion for helping people find the perfect home for them. Before getting my license I interned with another Realtor for a year solidifying that this was what I wanted to do. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. I enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as playing with my adorable dog Spencer! I love the landscape and have a passion for the culture and food here in Arizona.

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Brittany Klemme

Health Administration

Brittany is born & raised in Nebraska, and been in Arizona now for over 13 years. With a masters degree in Health Administration, Real Estate became her real passion after being a home buyer herself, and she now has over 7 years experience, selling 3-4 homes on average a month.

With specializing in Pinal, Maricopa, & Pima counties, she will go the extra mile for you, and you will notice the difference!