Judy Berg
13 Sep, 2019
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I have been in REAL ESTATE for OVER 32 YEARS, and experienced the most complex markets that you could imagine, so I am extremely skilled to help you build the most confident home selling experience.

I have had my real estate broker’s license for over 15 years and I am also a Certified NEGOTIATOR, you need that in any market! My negotiation skills are so sharp invests seek me out to help them sell their homes for top dollar while protecting the bottom line.

When I am not working, I like to take my Italian Greyhound for walks, read a good book, work in my yard and decorate my home. I also try to volunteer when I can, it is usually through my church. Plus, I love to travel and have traveled all over the world: China, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands and Israel. Plus, in our country I have traveled to places like: New York, New Orleans, Minneapolis, South Carolina and beautiful San Diego. I am from Minnesota originally, but I have lived in Arizona so long I feel I am a native to here.

If you are looking for a fun, hard working and confident agent to protect you through your real estate transactions then I am your lady.

I hope to hear from you …any questions you might have regarding REAL ESTATE, please don’t hesitate.

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