30 Sep, 2019
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I finished my degree in Psychology at Northwestern and went into the corporate world and I loved it for a while. Then I met James and joined his team, and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my career path. His commitment is to designing careers and lives to create the highest level of happiness. He calls us is warriors of happiness and it is our job to impact the world through real estate and people around us and to have a life-changing positive impact of them. This is exactly the dynamic I work in, so you could also say it is an amazing place to work.

As a warrior for happiness, I take transactions from escrow to closing. This means keeping everybody in the loop. I am contacting the buyer and listing agents, escrow company, lender, and our client. This helps assure one of the best experiences for our clients. In return makes me extremely happy and the wheel of happiness spins to keep our impact on happiness going.

Then away from work. I have an amazing husband and kiddos. The dynamic I work in extends into my household. James believes as mentioned above in the wholistic happiness approach and this means happiness at home too. He makes sure I stay on top of my home life because a happy house makes a happy me and that ripples right back to work. We see work as my left arm and my family is my right arm.

The Happy Closing Coordinator

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