Selling A Home While Still Living In It – 5 Tips For Success.
Selling A Home While Still Living In It – 5 Tips For Success.
30 Oct, 2020
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Most of the homeowners sell the house when it is empty. Generally, it is an ideal way, convenient for the buyers as well as the seller. The buyers can have proper look at the property and get an idea of the living space they would be getting. What if you want to sell the house while still living in it? In such a situation, you must focus on creating a system that will help you to keep the house clean and make it look spacious. With these steps, you would be able to make the house showings, less stressful.

#1 You Must Get Your House Clean:

Well, this you can either do it yourself or you can hire a cleaning staff to help you. With professional cleaning staff, you would be able to get clean and shining windows, doors, and flooring. If your house has an attic, clean and transform it into a small cabin or office room. So that it does not look dirty and unorganized. When you hire professional cleaning staff, you can save the time and struggle of scrubbing floors on your hands and knees, plus the endless spraying and wiping off the windows.

#2 Declutter And De-Personalise The House:

You must have collected a lot of decorative items in your house. But if you keep them hanging even during the house tours, it may not look good to all buyers, because buyers all have different likes and dislikes. You must remove all the personal items such as photo frames, or decorative wall hangings from the wall. Your buyers must be able to picture themselves in the house. For that, you need to make these adjustments.

Brighten the rooms: Once the windows and doors are cleaned, you must keep them open to let the natural light enter the house (especially during the showings) If the room does not have proper lighting, you can place a large mirror, it will help you to brighten the room and make it look spacious.

#3 Focus On Simplifying Your Routines:

When you simplify your routines, you can make time for the showings. You can prepare meals for a couple of days or you can order food from outside so that when the buyers schedule for house tours you are able to attend them and show a clean house. Moreover, it will help in relieving the stress of daily cleaning routines when you get rid of all the extra mess. Besides all these points, you must ensure that as you go through the selling process, you have to prevent clutter from creeping back in.

#4 Keep The Landscaped Area Clean:

Well, the landscaping or the open space in the front of the house is the first thing that your buyers will see when they plan the house tours. Keeping the area clean and beautiful will ensure that half of your work is done. To do that, you must trim the grass and plant some blessing or flowering samplings. Remove the dirt from the pathway and apply a coat of fresh paint to make it look new.

#5 Scheduling The Showing Time:

Well, this is the most important thing that should be planned properly. The prospective buyers may wish to have a look at the house at any time. So you would have to be a bit flexible while accepting the scheduling time. If you keep rejecting the scheduling time as per your convenience, you would lose out buyers. Being a homeowner, you want to be as available as possible for buyers who would like to see your place. You can take the help of your real estate agent to schedule the house tours on weekends or on days when it is convenient for both sellers and buyers.

#6 Always Be Ready For Any Unexpected Things Crop Up:

You might have a firmly set schedule. But it might happen that the buyers give you a surprise visit. So in such scenarios, you must be prepared eventually. It is for your benefit. If the buyers like the house, they can fix the deal and you can sell the property without stressing over it too much. But don’t be too formal. When you have buyers at an unexpected time, welcome them and make them feel comfortable rather than creating an awkward situation.


Being prepared for the house tours while still living in it might feel a bit uncomfortable initially. But like the selling process progress, you will get into the routine of making flexible showing time. You can also follow the above method to be prepared and make the situation less stressful and more enjoyable.

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