Prospective Buyer Visiting Your Home Do These Things
Prospective Buyer Visiting Your Home? Do These Things
21 Oct, 2020
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Well, you have decided to sell your house. You have captured the best pictures of your house in the natural light, listed the house on various real estate portals with attractive images and detailed description of the house. Now potential buyers have started looking at the listing and have also approached you to schedule house tours. This is the most crucial time for homeowners. While showing the home, every homeowner tries to highlight the best parts to the buyers. It will help the buyers to imagine in the house. They should feel that they have found their dream house. The look of the house must be able to influence the decision of buyers in a positive way. They do not want potential buyers to run away. So for that, you need to take some measures that will help while the prospective buyers visit your place for home tours.

So let’s get to know what are those essential things that a homeowner needs to do. 

#1 Your First And Foremost Step – Declutter The House

Before you start allowing people for the showings, you must ensure that the house is clean. You can either do it yourself or take the help of the professional cleaning staff. They will take the load off if there’s too much on your plate.

  • Clean The House From Cobwebs And Dust And Other Dingy Area: Even if you clean the house regularly, you must be extra careful while you schedule the showings.
  • Declutter The House: You might have been living in the house for many years and thus there would be a lot of things that you might have collected. Out of those things, you can get rid of the items that you do not require anymore. You would automatically feel that the house is clean. 
  • De-Personalise The House: You should remove all the personal photographs and decor items that you have hanging on the walls, or put on the tabletop. Your buyers should be able to picture themselves in the house, and it would not be possible with all your decor items. 
  • Check The Walls And Ceiling: If you think that there are cracks on the walls and the ceiling, then fix it and re-paint it. In this way, you can cover up the cracks and also give a new look to it. 

#2 Improve The Curb Appeal Of The Garden Area

Well it is the first thing that your buyers would see when they would enter the house. If your gardens are not well-maintained the buyers won’t even bother to enter the house. For enhancing the look of the garden you must follow these things:

  • Trim the lawn and cut out the extra grass.
  • Plant some flowering or blooming plants.
  • Paint the fencing area to make it look new. 
  • Decorate the pathway with exotic rocks and ceramic pots to improve the look. 

Along with the garden area, you must focus on the roof and siding as well. Get the roof and siding inspected. The professionals would let you know whether the roof and siding are in good condition or not. If not, you must get them repaired and apply a fresh coat of paint to make it look new and shining. It will enhance the look of the house. 

#3 Focus On The Right Lighting

Generally, when the homes do not have proper doors and windows they do not get the natural light. The darkness in the house might turn off the buyers and they might not feel it very appealing. 

#4 You Must Get Rid Of The Odors

You should get rid of all kinds of filthy smell from the house. This means that you should not use the air freshener or any kind of room fresheners in the house. Some buyers might have allergies to strong smells. If you think that the house is causing too much smell, then first of all you must find the actual source of it and remove them or treat them so there is no longer any odor.


When the prospective buyers visit the house, the homeowners have to be vigilant and take care that everything is perfect. You want to attract the buyers so that they show interest in buying the house and not run away. So embrace these steps to make sure that your buyer likes the house on the very first visit.

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