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Hidden Valley is the perfect subdivision in Maricopa AZ for people who love wildlife and a sparkling night sky. It is truly a living definition of Horse real estate. You will find flat lots here, on which you can build from scratch. A lot of ample space with fencing for you to breed, feed and train horses and other animals.

Start every day with a spectacular mountain view from our oasis properties in this subdivision. With amazing amenities such as detached storage facilities and even detached woodworking or metal shops, you will find new possibilities to work on your hobbies.

Some of the properties of Hidden Valley are just a 15 minutes drive away from exciting entertainment, shopping, and Harrah’s Casino Resort. This means you will enjoy the benefits of a city as well as the joy of living near the mountains.

A lot of these properties is ideal for motocross enthusiast or ex-riders who love to ride at neck-breaking speed. They won’t just enjoy motocross but also the amazing view of the Casa Grande.

The homeowners of our properties in Hidden Valley will finally feel free from the urban trap, as they will get more than just four walls.

You’ll be surprised to find comfort and happiness at this place that you’ll be excited to call it your new home.

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