Average Time to Sell a House in Maricopa
Average Time to Sell a House in Maricopa
17 Nov, 2020
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Being a home seller, you might know that after listing your house in the real estate market portal, it is not advisable to let the house stay there for too long. This controlled by a few factors from proper pricing, condition, and availability. If the buyers see a house sitting too long on the market they begin to think there is an issue with the home. They believe the entire market agrees with them that there must be something wrong with the house. This will cause them to avoid it or go home with a lowball offer. As a homeowner, you have to ask yourself do you want to get bid up or lowballed down. 

Thus, most experts recommend that after your house is listed, your focus should be on getting potential buyers as quickly as possible. As a homeowner, you must have an understanding of the real estate market so that it would be easier for you to analyze the average time to sell the house. Plus, as a homeowner avoid the concept of selling a house based on a believed square foot price based on things you are seeing. Your house is uniquely different than those homes. Some homes have granite countertops, swimming pools, basements, etc as they yield different prices. Plus, some backup to train tracks, airports, and major streets vs lakefront or golf course lots.

So let’s get started. These are some of the important factors that will have a great impact on the time you require to get your house sold. 

The Current Scenario Of The Real Estate Market:

According to a survey, it was found that about 60 to 90 days ( 3 months) is considered as the average time within which your house should get a prospective buyer in a traditional real estate market. But the current real estate market status can influence the time. Right now when this article is being written if your house is priced right it cannot stay on the market for more than a week in most cases. If your house is in the fastest-moving real estate market then it won’t take more than one month to get your house sold. But if the house lies in the remote areas, country-side where the real estate market has a slow-moving pace then it might take 6 months to find the right buyer for your house. There are so many variables to how to get your house sold fast in Maricopa Arizona. This is where a local real estate agent like James Sanson comes in to help design the sale of your house for you. 

Note: The average time you would require to sell your house in a fast market might be 30 days and the average time in a slow market could be nine months.

Season – When You Put Your House For Sale:

Generally, we see our busiest time of the year for selling homes in the city of Maricopa from March to July. Yet, we are busy selling year-round. So if you have listed your house and wish to find the right buyers quickly you must be specific about the season. It would take more than 4 months for you to sell the house in a buyers’ market from July to December. However, right now if your house is priced to sell it won’t take long at all. The best time to sell your house is when you need to sell it. Then with our expert and local knowledge, we would design your house to sell when you need it sold by. 

All these seasonal considerations make spring and summer the seasons the best time to put your house on the listing. It is the time when average market time could be shorter than a neutral six-month period. Winters would be a good time for all the motivated sellers whose homes have been on the market for longer than six months.

Besides this, there are various other important aspects that will have a huge impact on the time you require to sell the house:

You Need To Prepare The House For Sale:

You Need To Prepare The House For Sale

In this process, you would conduct the overall inspection of the house including the interior as well as the exterior elements. The home inspection before the selling process starts is important because you don’t want your buyer to run away by looking at the old and dingy walls, bathroom, or roofs. We have handymen, painters, floor installers, etc to help you get your house in selling condition. If you do not have the extra money for this we have a partnership program that can help you get your house in ready-to-sell condition. When you are preparing your house, you are improving the curb appeal of the house.  All these things would take about 2 to 3 months. 

  1. You Must Declutter Your House:  Well decluttering is essential if you want to make your buyer feel warm and welcomed in the house. Moreover, you would help them to picture themselves in the house.  Just thinking about what does a model home look like? A great hint they spend a lot of money figuring out how to get a buyer to fall in love easily with the model homes. 
  2. Take Care Of All The Repair Work: You must ensure that the flaws you found during the home inspection are fixed properly. The last thing you want is a buyer feeling the house is a lemon. 
  3. Focus On Improving The Curb Appeal: This can be done by enhancing the landscape areas, add some beautiful lighting, and perhaps painting your door and house trim. 

All these things would help in attracting prospective buyers. 

Get Your House Listed:

Get Your House Listed

When you have decided to get the house listed, ensure that you are doing it at the right time. While listing the house make use of high-resolution enhanced showcase quality professional photography and a sizzling and hot description of your home for sale in Maricopa AZ. 

Scheduling Home Tours For The Prospective Buyers:

After having a look at the house listing, you might get numerous calls for scheduling house tours. But here you need to be very wise to allow house tours for only those buyers who meet your criteria and are actually willing to purchase the house. It will help you to save your time in unnecessary showings. 

Once You Have Found The Right Buyer:

The final step is to negotiate the house prices, work out the documents, and close the deal. 

If you are in Maricopa, and you take all these things into consideration, it would require about 3 to 4 months to get your house sold in an average real estate market. But if the real estate market situation is not in the favor of the home sellers, you might require approximately 4+ months to get your house sold. This is when getting local Maricopa real estate agent expert advice from somebody like James Sanson.  


If you want to make the process of house selling hassle-free you can visit the website Maricopa Homes For Sale. The team of top real estate experts would help you out in getting the right buyers within the stipulated time. 

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